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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Hopefully the whole blog isn't lost.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Roxy's Journal...Solsta 17, 5824

It was scary today. After school we all went down to the parade area. Some older kids threw some tomatoes at the owl post. A group of Feather Flocks saw them and flew after them and beat them up. 2 kids were sent to the hospital. A couple of adults tried to stop the Feather Flocks from almost killing the 2 kids by sheilding the kids, but then the owl gaurd swooped in, broke up the fight, and had the 2 adults of them was Ducinia's dad. The Feather Flocks were told to get back on their float. A few minuites later the parade announcer was telling the crowd how the Feather Flocks honored the Empire by trying to protect the crowd from some Chaotics until the owl gaurd showed up. One of the kids that got beat up is in my brother's class, they weren't friends, but not enemys. I wonder what will happen to him.

Ducinia's Journal...Solsta 17, 5824

I am so mad at my father. He got himself arrested by the owl gaurd at the Bocking Day parade. Some Chaotics were trying to wreck the parade until some Feather Flocks tried to stop them. Then father and some squirrel tried to seperate them. The comotion brought the high gaurd. The Chaotic kids claimed to be hurt and were taken to the hospital. Father and the squirrel were arrested and taken for questioning. When father got home I yelled at him for hurting my chances of joining the Feather Flocks. He sat me down and told me I had to understand that since he is a doctor he doesn't like to see anyone hurt and if he does, he has to help them. He also said if those Chaotics had really snapped, they could've killed some of the Feather Flocks. I guess he has a point, but it still makes him look bad and may have still hurt my chances at being a Feather Flock.

Ducinia's Journal...Solsta 16, 5824

Tomorrow is Bocking Day! There is only a half day of school so we can go to the parades or be in the parades. I'm not in the parade this year, but next year I'm determined to be on the Feather Flocks float.

Roxy's Journal...Solsta 6, 5824

This Bocking Day project is a pain. I wish I could only do a half-job of it, but Cassie doesn't think that is such a good idea. It might draw suspision and be used as an excuse for investigations. I finally decided to do a Bocking Empire Trivia Game. At least I should have some fun making the game board...the questions will be the real pain.

Ducinia's Journal...Solsta 3, 5824

There are 5 of us that are trying to join Feather Flocks this year-2 ravens, 1 blue jay, and another duck. We are to be tested on our knowledge of the Bocking Empire and on our honor to make sure we are the type of citizens that would make Oswald proud.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Roxy's Journal...Solsta 2, 5824

I started school today. All my teachers this year are owls. My main teacher is Miss Beaktree. We already got homework, a big history project due on Bocking Day. All the projects will be judged and the best will be sent to the district judging, and the winner there will have their project sent to Oswald and he will pick a grand

Ducinia's Journal...Solsta 2, 5824

School was GREAT! My new main teacher is Miss Beaktree. The Empire came out with a project book this year, The Bocking Empire Activity Book. It is for our history class. It is our first major assignment of the year. We have to pick a project from the book and present it on Bocking Day. There is a contest for the best project, it will be sent to the district contest and the winner there has their project presented to Oswald! Then Oswald will pick the best one of all! I also turned in my request to join Feather Flocks. We have a group meeting tomorrow. I can't wait!

Ducinia's Journal...Solsta 1, 5824

School starts tomorrow. I can't wait because this year I am finally old enough to try and become a Feather Flock! I have been waiting to join the Feather Flocks even before the owls in my class joined. (Owls get to join 2 years earlier then ducks) I'm not worried about getting in, I have been studying all summer.


So now you have read the 'historical' texts about the Empire. The next portion is written in 'journal' format. Though the journals you will be meeting Ducinia, a duck of about 'middle school' age. Her family is a strong supporter of Oswald and his Empire. You will also be meeting Roxy, a raccoon who is in the same grade as Ducinia. Roxy's family is opposed to Oswald's unfair way of running the Empire.

In this part many names are still to be determined. I can't always think of names for the different characters. I would love suggestions for names where noted. I am also looking for feedback on all entries.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Freedom Workers Against Oswald (Disident Version)

Despite the high mortality rate of border crossings there were a select few that were up to the challange. These animals wanted escape, not just for themselves, but for those they hoped would follow. The Freedom Workers Against Oswald had the dream of escaping only to sneak back in to get others safely out of the Empire in the hopes of starting a new government.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Oswald's Three Jumps (Disident Version)

Oswald's first and second jumps were the annexation of the swamp and desert territories. Any animal that had been able to move to these outlying areas found themselves under Empire rule once again. Oswald also enacted high border fees for access to these outlying areas and even between the differant districts of the central areas of the Empire. Many animals living in one district and working in another often ended up having to give up their jobs and hope they could find work in their own districts.
Many animals could no longer organize amoungst other animals in other districts. Any kind of plans that may have been able to benefit the land or help others leave the Empire were never realized. Attempting to sneak across borders became the only option for some. This was one of the most dangerous options because getting caught meant risking death.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Post Owl Act (Disident Version)

The Post Owl Act increased the presence of high owls in every district. In addition to the owl representives there were now owl protection forces. These owls looked for what they deemmed 'suspious activity'. They took animals off the streets for questioning-including children-to see if they knew anyone involved in anti-Empire activities. Oswald also passed a new tax law that raised taxes to an all-time high. Many animals dreamed of leaving the only homes they had ever known, but Oswald was three jumps ahead of them.

Peaceful Protest Turns to Chaos (Disident Version)

On Bocking Day in 5810, some animals gathered at Empire headquarters during Oswald's Bocking Day Ceremony to protest the unfairness of Oswald and the owl representives. The peaceful protest turned to chaos when Oswald sent the Empire Guard out to disperse the crowd with ripping talons. Anyone who tried to protect anyone-including children-from being taloned were taloned, then arrested. Oswald soon passed the Post Owl Act.

The Talon Treaty (Disident Version)

Simply stated the Talon Treaty was a tool Oswald used to demand absolute loyalty from the animals and acknowledge Oswals's "wisdom". Anything anti-Oswald or anti-Empire was illegal. "If Oswald says it, it's so."
Oswald recrutied more owls and gave them high positions in the Empire. All other animals were removed from Empire positions. Oswald appointed owl representivies for each district of the Empire. These animal representives were the ones that helped Oswald fashion and enforce the laws of the Empire.
If an animal had a concern about the Empire or their district, he was to share his concern with his owl representive. If the owl representive or Oswald thought the suggestion was questioning the wisdom of Oswal the animal could be inprisioned for treason. If the idea or suggestion could potentially work to the benefit of Oswald, he would be charged a "presentation fee" to get his proposition presented by his owl representive at Empire headquarters. It was unfair practices such as these that led the animals to protest at Empire headquarters.

Tourism and Industry (School-Book Version)

The Bocking Empire continues to benefit the animals of the land today. Oswald began the Tourism Department. The Tourism Department is dedicated to boosting the economy through the display of the wonders Oswald has created for the land. One such place is the Mueseam of Empire History. This popular tourist attraction shows how the Bocking Empire rose from a world of chaos and disorder to the great Empire it is today.

Oswald's Three Jumps (School-Book Version)

Oswald decided to annex the Swamp and Desert Territories to become a part of the Empire to prevent nearby areas from becoming training grounds for animal terrorists. The anexation made the Swamp and Desert Territories under the same laws and protection as areas of the Central Empire. Oswald also enacted a check fee to allow protection to be extended to the new territories.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Post Owl Act- (School-Book Version)

The Post Owl Act was an animal safty measure that set up check points to offer protection to loyal, law-abiding animals and to capture and arrest animals bent on causing terror and chaos. Since there were animals bent on causing terror and destruction Oswald put into effect a new tax law to help pay for the protection from the Chaotic terrorists and to rebuild neighborhoods damaged by the terrorists. Oswald knew the only way to protect the animals of the Empire from the Chaotics was to stay a few steps ahead of them.

Animal Terror (School-Book Version)

There were a select few animals that did not like order in their world. These animals wished for the days of chaos when brutal wars were commonplace. These animals tried to kill Oswald during the important Bocking Ceremony of 5810. Oswald was quickly moved to safty and the terrorist leaders were arrested. Oswald knew animal safty would become a big issue with the rest of the animal populace and so he signed the Post Owl Act into law.

The Bocking Empire (School-Book Version)

Oswald knew the best way of creating an effective, stable government was to create a new headquarters for the new government and to involve those closest to him as he knew of their trustworthyness and knew they would have the best intrests of the new government in mind so the land would not fall into chaos once again.
Oswald's drive for success in building a new government had him embarking on a campaign for support. Everyone realized Oswald the Owl knew what he was doing and would not allow the land to collapse back into chaos. Animals were eager to join him and wanted to put their loyalty in writting. This is what has become known as the Talon Treaty, a treaty stateing loyalty to the Empire and Oswald's wisdom.

Oswald Owl and the S.A.B.A.T.O. Treaty (School-Book Version)

Oswald was an experienced leader and knew the current chaos of S.A.G and B.A.G. was not a good situation for the animals of the land. It was Oswald Owl that instigated relations between the two governments by helping create the Small Animal/Big Animal Treaty Organization. This treaty worked so well all of the animals saw what a brilliant leader Oswald was and encouraged Oswald to take on a much bigger role in animal government. The animals knew that only Oswald would be able to lead the animals into the future.

The Individual Governments (School-Book Version)

Unfortunatly, after the Raccoon Empire fell the animals of the land divided themselves up into individual governments, causing disruption between animal relations. The small animals of the land created the Small Animal Government (S.A.G.) and the large animals created the Big Animal Government (B.A.G.). The constant animosity between the small animals and the large animals made Oswald the Owl realize something had to be done to bring the animals together.

The Raccoon Empire (School-Book Version)

The Raccoon Empire was formed at a time when animals had no way of governing themselves. It was at a time when no one got along with one another. It was a chaotic time, animals were fighting each other just because they could.
When the raccoon began their empire not many animals agreed to the new government. The idea of order to the animals was thought to be bad. The animals did not understand their world could be a good place to live and not have to worry about what the future could bring.
The raccoons started their empire because they knew the animals of the land needed a way of governing themselves. The plan worked a little, but not up to the high expectations of the raccoons because they were not experienced leaders, so the empire soon fell.
The Raccoon Empire did give the animals a push in the right direction on the road to governmnet and making the animals see the chaos they had always known, was not a good thing.